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Reasons to become a flexible volunteer with South Ribble District Scouts

Date: 15th Oct 2020 Author: Jon Nutten

In a year when routines have been thrown out of the window, we’re proud that Scout groups across the country have continued to be a stable influence on young peoples’ lives.

Whether they’re hosting Zoom sessions during lockdown or holding socially distanced meetings in areas where it’s now safe to gather, our incredible volunteers have been working hard to inspire and support the children and teenagers they work with.

We’re aware that there are lots of demands on people’s time, energy and wellbeing at the moment, and we’re so grateful to each of our volunteers who give up their time each week to change the lives of the young people they lead. You can see from the video below, just what a difference it makes.

If you’re considering joining them, here are a few extra reasons why there’s never been a better time to volunteer at Scouts.

We bring people together, even when they’re (six metres) apart

Across divided communities, we help young people gain shared experiences and provide them with a safe place where they can learn from people of different backgrounds, promoting a mutual understanding of one another, and building meaningful friendships which often last a lifetime.

We create happy, resilient citizens who are better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them

In a time of great uncertainty, we help young people develop the values, self-confidence, and belief in others which will help them go on to become confident, active citizens. We offer children and teens a place to belong, where they can develop the skills to succeed, and feel optimistic about the future.

We help communities engage with each other, at home and away

Where there’s a lack of community engagement, Scouts gives young people the opportunity to improve the lives of those around them, taking positive social action in their local, national and international communities.

We improve social mobility in a time of increased anxiety and competition

In this age of economic instability, Scouts helps young people develop skills for life; the character, practical and employability skills that young people will carry with them into adulthood, and put their best foot forward, every step of the way.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls