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Anti-Bullying Week 2021: One Kind Word

Date: 12th Nov 2021 Author: Jon Nutten

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2021 is: One Kind Word. Anti-Bullying Week will happen from Monday 15th – Friday 19th November and will start eek will begin with Odd Socks Day which is supported by CBBC and CBeebies star Andy Day and his band Andy and the Odd Socks.


Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. This is one of the reasons, that ‘One Kind Word’ has been chosen as the theme of Anti-Bullying Week taking place from 15 to 19 of November 2021.

Following the success of the campaign in 2020 – when a jaw-dropping 80% of schools marked the week reaching over 7.5 million children and young people – the Anti-Bullying Alliance (which coordinates the campaign each year in England and Wales) asked over 400 young people, teachers, and parents, what they wanted from this year’s Anti-Bullying Week. Again and again, the young and not-so-young told us they wanted anti-bullying work to be about hope and the positive and kind things we can do to halt hurtful behaviour in its tracks.

Our call to action:

  • Ask if someone’s OK. Say you’re sorry. Just say hey.
  • In a world that can sometimes feel like it’s filled with negativity, one kind word can provide a moment of hope. It can be a turning point. It can change someone’s perspective. It can change their day. It can change the course of a conversation and break the cycle of bullying.
  • Best of all, one kind word leads to another. Kindness fuels kindness. So from the playground to Parliament, and from our phones to our homes, together, our actions can fire a chain reaction that powers positivity.
  • It starts with one kind word. It starts today.

“This year, more than ever, we’ve witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge.” 

“Anti-Bullying Week is no different. Bullying has a long lasting effect on those who experience and witness it. But by channelling our collective power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce bullying together. From parents and carers, to teachers and politicians, to children and young people, we all have a part to play in coming together to make a difference.” 

“We’re all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we’re united against bullying.”

It is the responsibility of all adults in Scouting to help develop a caring and supportive atmosphere, where bullying in any form is unacceptable. (POR Rule 2.5)

It’s important for everyone in Scouting to understand the important role they play in responding to and preventing bullying. Our Anti-Bullying Guide has been written to help you address bullying and take steps to reduce the chances of it happening in your Group or section. We also have our Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct.

Make Bullying Unacceptable Activity Packs

We created activity packs for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, in partnership with Beatbullying. These packs can still be used in the sections.

The Scout Association is a proud supporter of Anti-Bullying Week. For more information on Anti-Bullying Week, please visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls